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The Power of Co-op Membership


Mora-San Miguel Electric Coop Election

August 23, 2017

District I

The Board of Trustees of Mora-San Miguel Electric Coop held a Special District Election on August 23, 2017 at the Mora High School Gymnasium.

The Special Election was held to elect a Trustee to represent District 1. Virginia Mondragon, past Board Member, was the only district representative who filed to fill the position.

The Special Election required 1% of the Members in District 1 to show up to constitute a quorum and to hold the election. This would require 18 members of District 1 to show up to vote. Approximately 50 Members registered. Chairman of the Board, Robert M. Quintana, recognized a quorum present and acknowledged a vote in favor of Ms. Mondragon.

The Membership also acknowledged the vote re-electing Ms. Mondragon to the position of District 1 Board Member for Mora San Miguel Electric Cooperative. Ms. Mondragon’s term will begin on August 29 2017, when the Board will take action to seat Ms. Mondragon to her position. Ms. Mondragon’s term will expire in 2020.

Board Chairman Quintana and all Board Members are pleased to see that the district Members elected Ms. Mondragon to serve another term.



MORA-SAN MIGUEL ELECTRIC COOPERATIVE, INC. (“MSMEC” or the “Cooperative”) will file a proposed change to Revised Rate 12, under Advice Notice 60, on September 29, 2017 with the New Mexico Public Regulation Commission (“Commission”) which will not result in any rate increase to any customer class.

 Pursuant to Rule 17.9.540 NMAC of the Commission’s Rules of Practice and Procedure, MSMEC’s customers are notified that:

(a) This proposed change will modify MSMEC's existing Revised Rate 12 to enable MSMEC

to provide for monthly banking (carrying-forward and crediting to the customer's bill) of any net

excess energy supplied by a net metered customer to MSMEC unless service by MSMEC is

terminated for any reason, in which case any unused credits for excess kWh generated shall be paid to the net metered customer at the Cooperative's applicable energy rate, in accordance with

17.9.570.14.C(3)(b) NMAC.

(b) This proposed change directly affects approximately 75 net metering customers.

(c) MSMEC will promptly notify a member, who so requests, of the date on which the proposed

change will be filed with the Commission.

(d) The proposed change may go into effect automatically and without a hearing by the

Commission thirty (30) days after the filing of the Advice Notice unless a sufficient number of

members of the Cooperative file a protest with the Commission no later than twenty (20) days after MSMEC has filed the Advice Notice and the Commission determines there is just cause for reviewing the proposed change on one or more of the grounds of the protest. IF A HEARING IS




(e) The procedures for protesting the proposed change are set forth in NMPRC Rule 17.9.540

NMAC, a copy of which can be obtained upon request from or inspected at either Mora-San Miguel Electric Cooperative, Inc., Highway 518 Main Street, Mora, New Mexico 87520 (telephone 575-387-2205 or 1-800-421-6773) or the New Mexico Public Regulation Commission, 1120 Paseo de Peralta, P.O. Box 1269, Santa Fe, New Mexico 87504 (telephone 1-888-427-5772). Forms for a protest also can be obtained upon request from either Mora-San Miguel Electric Cooperative, Inc., Highway 518 Main Street, Mora, New Mexico 87520 (telephone 575-387-2205 or 1-800-421-6773) or the New Mexico Public Regulation Commission, 1120 Paseo de Peralta, P.O. Box 1269, Santa Fe, New Mexico 87504 (telephone 1-888-427-5772).

(f) Prior to filing a protest with the Commission a Cooperative member should attempt to

resolve any grievance by presenting his or her objections to the change, in writing, and allowing

MSMEC seven (7) days in which to attempt a resolution of the objections or to otherwise respond.

(g) Any interested person may examine the Advice Notice filing together with any exhibits and

related papers that may be filed at any time at the main office of the Cooperative or on or after the date of filing at the offices of the Commission in Santa Fe.

(h) Further information concerning this filing or the protest procedure may be obtained by

contacting the Cooperative or the Commission.

Leadership Position : Mora -San Miguel Electric Cooperative Inc. is looking to hire a  Systems Operations Manager, Exempt Position, Salary Range: $70,000.00 -$100,000.00,  Excellent Benefits. Responsible for engineering and daily operations to move the coop forward in technology, safety and operational success. If interested request additional information regarding qualifications, or to obtain an application please contact Pamela Brown, HR Admin. Assistant at 575-387-2205 ext. 14 or .  Please email or fax application, Fax No.575-387-5975, EOE.

 Mora-San Miguel Electric Cooperative is currently accepting applications for the position of Journeyman Lineman. The qualified Candidates must have a minimum of 2 years’ experience working as a Journeyman lineman. 

Candidates must willingly participate as a member of the construction or maintenance team and perform all assignments in a safe and efficient manner.

Candidates must be able to use all tools, devices, vehicles, material and equipment common to line craft.

May be asked to assume supervisor duties of a Working Foreman and is responsible for the safety of personnel connected with the job. Must be aware of possible public liability and property damage and will maintain respect for consumer’s property when installing and maintaining lines.

Wage: $26.48 per hour, excellent benefit package. 

Mora-San Miguel Electric Cooperative is dedicated to providing the highest level of service to our member-owners. We are proud to be the Touchstone Energy cooperative serving consumers within the counties of Mora, San Miguel, Guadalupe and Santa Fe. As a member, we thank you for your continued involvement and look forward to providing you with high quality and affordable energy for years to come.

Our members are our highest priority. Please use this website to understand our servicesfind energy saving resources, find print-ready forms and much more. If there is anything you cannot find on the website, please contact us and let us know.


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Summer Hours

Mora-San Miguel Electric Cooperative, Inc.  will begin “Summer Hours” on Wednesday, May 3, 2017. These hours will continue through October 31, 2017. Office hours will be: Monday through Thursday from 7:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. and closed for lunch between 12:00p.m. and 12:30p.m. Because our service territory is spread out over four counties, our line crew and meter readers spend a lot of time driving to the worksite locations. These extended hours will be beneficial for our employees and will help eliminate multiple trips over a two or three day period to get their jobs done.



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